[Coral-List] SECORE International is seeking an intern to carry out sexual coral restoration work

Valérie Chamberland chamberland.f.valerie at gmail.com
Thu May 5 08:43:21 EDT 2016

Dear Coral-Listers,

SECORE International is seeking an intern to join our team on Curaçao
during the upcoming coral spawning season. SECORE is a leading non-profit
organisation in the field of sexual coral reef restoration. Our mission is
to promote worldwide coral reef conservation through research, restoration,
education and outreach. Through a multidisciplinary approach involving
science, engineering and husbandry, we develop novel techniques to advance
large scale restoration.

We are seeking an intern to help us with coral breeding work which includes
gamete collection, larval rearing and settlement, and outplanting. The
intern will team-up with another intern to carry out the following tasks:

-      Plan and prepare field work;

-      Dive to collect coral gametes;

-      Maintain coral larvae cultures;

-      Maintain an aquarium system;

-      Conduct experimental work;

-      Collect data and perform analysis;

-       Carry-out surveys to monitor the outcome of our restoration efforts..

The successful applicant will have the chance to acquire extensive
theoretical and practical knowledge on the reproduction and early-life
ecology of corals, as well as hands-on training in coral breeding and
restoration techniques. The intern will further help organizing SECORE’s
10-day annual workshop during which she/he will have the opportunity of
connecting with a network of scientists and aquarists from various foreign

We are looking for an enthusiastic person with background knowledge of
coral reef ecology and with strong team work skills. Applicants should have
a minimum degree of MSc, or if currently pursuing a MSc should have
completed at least a first year. Experience in conducting field work in a
tropical location, and/or experience in coral husbandry/aquaculture or
restoration is a plus. SCUBA certification equivalent to PADI Open Water is
required along with a minimum experience of 30 dives. Applicants should
also own/rent a complete set of diving equipment and must hold a valid
driver’s licence. Regular working hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm with
occasional long hours and weekend days. Especially during coral spawning
weeks, the intern is expected to work longer hours and weekend days,
including at night time. The intern is further expected to cover her/his
airway to Curaçao as well as her/his housing expenses. There is possibility
of accommodation directly at the field station for $420 USD per month.
Renting a car is mandatory as public transportation for field work is not
an option on Curaçao. SECORE will partially cover the car rental costs
(contribution of $200 USD per month) and the remaining costs will be shared
between the intern and another student. Expenses directly related to field
work such as air tanks will be covered by SECORE.

The internship opportunity is based at the CARMABI Marine Research Station
and starts mid-July until December 2016 with possibility of extension.
Please send your intention letter and your CV to
Chamberland.f.valerie at gmail.com before May 15th.

For any additional information, please contact Valérie Chamberland
Chamberland.f.valerie at gmail.com

Best regards, and looking forward to hear from you!


Valérie F. Chamberland
PhD candidate

SECORE International
*www.secore.org <http://www.secore.org/>*

CARMABI Research Institute
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Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
*http://ibed.uva.nl/ <http://ibed.uva.nl/>*

Phone: +(5999) 513-1205
Email: chamberland.f.valerie at gmail.com

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