[Coral-List] Has the death of the Great Barrier Reef been greatly exaggerated??

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 17 17:07:17 EDT 2016

   Dear Doug,
   Yes, it seems that the article/obituary has set off a firestorm. I took it
   as  satire, but it seems that many readers and scientific purists felt
   betrayed. Does it hurt legitimate science? Does it fuel indifference and
   hopelessness?  I'm not sure, but it did get people talking about the state
   of coral reefs and I believe that's better than neglect.. After all, the
   higher purpose of satire is to be sure to infuse it with "the intent of
   shaming  individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into
   improvement". You can't deny that in that sense, this is exactly what the
   coral doctor ordered.
   Regards, Steve
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     >From: Douglas Fenner
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     >Subject: [Coral-List] Has the death of the Great Barrier Reef been
     greatly exaggerated??
     >Here's the piece that seems to have started this debate off:
     >Obituary: Great Barrier Reef (25 million BC- 2016)
     >A quick search on "is the Great Barrier Reef dead" produced a myriad of
     >hits, including:
     >Great Barrier Reef obituary goes viral, to the horror of scientists.
     >An irresponsible obituary for the Great Barrier Reef has gone viral-
     >what's actually going on.
     >The Great Barrier Reef isn't dead, in spite of its viral obituary
     >and many more.
     >Cheers, Doug
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