[Coral-List] Coral mortality in a warmer and acidified ocean

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Dear Gene,

That study on Acropora through geological time was good science and certainly appropriate for you to post. ( http://www.nature.com/articles/srep27579?WT..feed_name=subjects_palaeontology)  I just don't understand why you didn't provide the link and add your own commentary (like you did on parrotfish) on how the findings might apply to the current regime.  Instead, your devilish side prevailed as you inserted a (misleading) review and conclusion by a source known to exploit the scientific illiteracy of the public at large.   That's what puzzles me.  Coral-Listers are not Idso's target audience and subscribers here certainly don't need me, a non-scientist to point out the fact that "the take-home message" was just another example of (Fake News) CO2 Science attempting to promote disinformation under the guise of healthy skepticism.  So, my apologies to all as I couldn't help myself, your mischievous trolling got to me once again. Maybe I do need to lighten up, but there just seems to be too much at stake.


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> On Feb 9, 2017, at 11:31 AM, Eugene Shinn <eugeneshinn at mail.usf.edu> wrote:
> E
> It is interesting watching Steve and Mike talking past one another. Just 
> to clear the air I receive CO2Science regularly and have communicated 
> with Idso. Yes he is a climate skeptic but that has little to do with 
> the validity of the science in the articles he quotes. He is on firm 
> ground when he says CO2 stimulates plant growth. I did those simple 
> experiments with lima beans in jars back in the 5^th grade. (I wonder if 
> they still do that in science classes anymore?) I am sure readers also 
> know that greenhouse growers routinely raise Co2 levels to around 1,500 
> ppm to stimulate production. None of this should have anything to do 
> with whether one accepts scientific results or not regardless of the 
> results. You should not be selecting the facts you want.
> I saw that article about /Acropora/ through geologic time and thought it 
> was interesting enough to be posted on the list. It was a good piece of 
> science. Science and should not be labeled by the source but by the 
> quality of the research. Someone said: “the devil can quote scriptures” 
> Surely that does not mean the scriptures are not valid. We should not 
> stick our heads in the sand to quote another old chestnut. Now lets turn 
> it all around. Suppose someone sends in a post from the far left 
> Huffington post. Should we not read it? Of course! Determine its value 
> by the quality of the work and the validity of the research. Lighten up, 
> Gene
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