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The survival of our species depends on learning how to coexist with nature. We have not reached that phase yet. When we do, the war with nature will end. If we don't reach that phase, there's no future for our species. Sometimes you need to look beyond the horror, to visualize a better future. Then gather strength and continue fighting. I don't think this is a fairy tale, but a pragmatic view with a tiny dose of optimism.

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  By "the war ending" are you referring to elimination of the modern human race? Who will see the "paintings" then? Perhaps this is a drastic relationship but what is the "war ending" anyways? Seems like a fairy tail. Perhaps, our "paintings (reef restoration)" are not to heal us, but in fact this time around, to heal the environment instead.  Interesting thought! Good point.

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> During World War I, Claude Monet painted his water lilies, now on display at oval exhibition rooms at the Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris, France. What was the point of painting through the horrors of the war? Because he knew the war would end one day, and he wanted to heal the people afterward by looking at the beauty of his impressionist water lilies.
> We, the coral reef community, invest our passion in understanding, conserving and restoring coral reefs. Humanity is at war with nature. Like Monet,  we are working hard because we know one day the war will end. We are seeing some small victories already, but we must keep working to ensure, when the war ends, people will still enjoy the beauty and awesome healing power of the oceans and coral reefs.
> Don’t despair my friends. We live to fight another day.
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