[Coral-List] Let us celebrate #CitizenScienceDay #CitSciDay #CitSciDay2018

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 10:58:55 EDT 2018

Dear All,

Tomorrow April 14th is the Citizen Science Day !!  Citizen Science
reduce CO2 emissions and negative direct impact to coral reefs. Since
scientists can not be all the time, in all coral reef areas, measuring
all the variables of the coral reefs, Citizen Scientists explore
remote coral reef areas by receiving reports, videos and photos from
volunteers who dive or fish on the same transects of the
geo-referenced dive or fishing sites. It reduces scientific
expeditions leaving the ones for verification at a bookmarked coral
reef site.

The Foundation ICRI Colombia has an Observatory pro Coral Reefs
conservation that allows full participation of artisanal fishermen and
diving operators who send almost every day written reports with photos
of videos of what they do and about what they see in the coral reef
areas which helps to keep monitoring and improving protection.

To know more about our activities please follow us on
https://www.facebook.com/ICRI.COLOMBIA/ and twitter @ArrecifesCoral

Nohora Galvis
Director, Fundaciòn ICRI Colombia
Coordinator,  Observatorio Pro Arrecifes

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