[Coral-List] New paper: first evidence of shark nursery area expansion due to rising ocean temperatures

David Shiffman david.shiffman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 10:10:45 EDT 2018

Hello! I am excited to get to share with you a new paper, published today
in Scientific Reports (I'm a coauthor, lead author is Dr. Charles Bangley
of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center).

We show evidence that bull sharks are now regularly using coastal North
Carolina waters as a nursery area, when they only very rarely did before
the last few years! The change is strongly correlated with rising ocean
temperatures- previously the northernmost bull shark nursery area was North

While polewards range expansions as a result of changing environmental
temperature is a well-documented phenomenon, this is the first-ever case of
this happening with a large (and potentially dangerous) shark species in
the United States. The implications for the local coastal ecosystem, and
for local human-wildlife interactions, are huge!

The paper is available open access here:

A blog post/press release explaining it is available here:

Please share with interested colleagues. Thank you!



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