[Coral-List] New book: Histological Techniques for Corals

Esther Peters estherpeters at verizon.net
Fri Dec 7 02:23:51 UTC 2018

Several of you have asked how to get a print version of our book. At the 
moment, it is not available, although we are investigating options. We 
formatted it as an e-book, thinking this would be the wave of the future 
in labs and wanting to save trees, but perhaps not everyone is there 
yet. We will announce when a print copy is available on coral-list, but 
this could take some time. Thanks for your support!


On 12/1/2018 4:18 PM, Esther Peters wrote:
> Hello All,
> We are delighted to announce the publication of Histological 
> Techniques for Corals, a laboratory manual containing the coral tissue 
> sample processing and histoslide preparation methods  that many of you 
> have been inquiring about!
> This e-book is now available online at Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes 
> & Noble, and Bibliotheca.
> Amazon and Barnes & Noble links are here: books2read.com/u/boZP19
> We hope this information will be helpful, not only to those who have 
> developed their own methods but also to newcomers to the field. The 
> ability to combine classical histotechniques with molecular 
> identification protocols (using, for example, immunohistochemistry, in 
> situ hybridization, and laser-capture microdissection) will improve 
> our understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of the coral 
> holobiont, as well as link each genotype to phenotype and advance 
> coral disease diagnoses. Much remains to be explored using microscopy!
> Kathy L. Price and Esther C. Peters

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