[Coral-List] Can we insure nature? An article on insurance and marine conservation

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Mon Feb 12 11:47:07 EST 2018

Dear Coral List,
In our most recent issue of the Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM)
newsletter, we focus on the many ways that insurance (yes, insurance!)
can benefit ocean ecosystems and coastal communities. The work that is
going on in this area is truly inspirational and includes:
·        An insurance policy for the Mesoamerican Reef itself,
·        Getting funding for restoring reefs and wetlands for coastal
·        Livelihood protection insurance for small-scale fishers, and
·        Making illegal fishing riskier, among others.
You can read the article at
This article was informed by some of the discussions here on Coral List.
Thank you all for the vigorous and challenging discussions - they have
many benefits (informational and inspirational) and are much
Sarah D. Carr
Editor, Marine Ecosystems and Management
E-mail: meam at sdcarr.com
Phone: 202-302-3059

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