[Coral-List] Coral restoration/Sports Illustrated

Damien Beri beridl at g.cofc.edu
Fri Mar 2 13:52:15 EST 2018


You may be interested in a rather novel new concept, the use of “sustainable” jewelry to promote coral reef conservation.  This effort, recently highlighted in Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit edition, no less, by Reefined Arts utilizes advanced 3D electronic instrumentation to construct beautiful pieces of coral jewelry and thus obviates the collection of real coral, thus helping indirectly to protect those species.  Directly, the majority of profits go to "Fragments of Hope" in Belize, and "The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation" in Haiti, both outfits of which further conduct their own coral conservation efforts.  If you wish to know more, I'd be happy to point you to the aforementioned resources.

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