[Coral-List] Montastrea cavernosa: advanced draft genome assembly

Mikhail Matz matz at utexas.edu
Sat Mar 3 19:52:57 EST 2018

Hello colleagues - 

We are pleased to share the advanced draft assembly of Montastrea cavernosa genome, based on combination of PacBio and 10x Genomics reads. The assembly was generated by Zach Fuller from Molly Przeworski's lab at Columbia University. See the README file included in the tgz archive for the assembly protocol. 

The coral individual that was sequenced came from the Flower Garden Banks.

(please let me know if this link does not work!)

10835 sequences.
N50: 248.5 kb
average length: 49.8 kb 
total length: 540.5 Mb



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