[Coral-List] 80% of species are unknown

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 19:42:43 EST 2018

As people interested in the most diverse marine ecosystems, some may be
interested in the following:

The 8 million species we still don't know

Biologist E. O. Wilson says that we need a reckoning of life on Earth
 to inform the conservation decisions that will slow the pace of
extinction. “With only about 20 percent of its species known and 80 percent
undiscovered, it is fair to call Earth a little-known planet,” he writes.



I see lots of interest in protecting ever larger areas.  Great!  I see lots
of action and support for fancy genetics.  Good!  But support for
describing new species continues to diminish into nothing.  I think the
call for more boots on the ground for field biologists finding new species
will fall on deaf ears as it has many times before.  Hope I'm wrong, but
not holding my breath.

Cheers,  Doug

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