[Coral-List] #CoralReefsOptimism

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:41:52 EST 2018

Dear All,

The following are some local and global reasons to be optimistic
during #IYOR2018 #AñoInternacionalDelArrecife

1)  In Colombia, two coral reef areas are still resilient despite of
the fact that are not yet included within a protection framework
#VaraderoColombia with 80% healthy coral cover and
#AreaMarinaProtegidaCapurgana-CaboTiburón with 70% healthy coral cover

2) According to our Volunteer Commitment signed during the Ocean
Conference before the United Nations #OceanAction14819 the Colombian
Government has listened to our request to study the possibility of
including both areas within the official marine protected areas.  This
week INVEMAR is visiting #CoralesBahiaCartagena to include it in the
Atlas of Colombian #CoralReefs Mission Blue already included in the
list of #HopeSpots

3) During ICCB2017 the National Parks Director promised at the closing
plenary that she will speed the declaration of

4) The artisanal fishermen are the main defenders of the  coral reefs
understanding the great ecological, social and economic value. They
keep reporting their activities within our #CitizanScience program

5) The scuba divers are also reporting with photos and videos what
they see in the coral reefs at the same transects.

6) The scientists are more careful now when choosing their sponsors
preferring the environmental sustainable ones.

7) The enterprises learned that is more expensive to developed
unsustainable projects close to the coral reefs

8) The General Public knows its responsibility to choose the political
candidates that are more environmental friendly.

9) The Sustainable development Goals #SDGs are now being implemented
in many countries under the acknowledgement of the UNITED NATIONS.
Colombia was leader in identifying them. I helped with the innovation
when I was working for the Ministry of Environment and proposed
Multidisciplinary Indicators for Coral Reefs Accountability

10) Recently, the Ecological, Social and Economic Values of Resilient
Coral Reefs have been rated higher regardless of the category of
development of the country where they are located.

Cordial saludo,

Nohora Galvis

Directora Observatorio Pro Arrecifes
Fundación ICRI Colombia
Coordinadora Red Internacional de Observadores Voluntarios del Arrecife
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