[Coral-List] New publication: Coral Reef Studies of Japan

Chuki Hongo g123001 at sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp
Sat Mar 24 04:08:36 EDT 2018

Dear Coral-listers,

We are delighted to announce the publication of "Coral Reef Studies of

Coral Reef Studies of Japan (Coral Reefs of the World, Vol. 13)

Akira Iguchi, Chuki Hongo (Eds.)

Publisher:Springer Nature Singapore



This book comprehensively introducing recent important studies on coral
reefs in Japan in from various research fields including biology, ecology,
chemistry, earth science, and conservation studies. Coral reefs around
Japan are located at the northern limit, composed by mainly fringing reefs
along archipelago, and easily impacted by human activities. Coral reef
studies around Japan have provided important knowledge on basic sciences
and conservation studies regarding coral reef ecosystem.

We would like to thank all the authors that contributed to publish this
book and all the reviewers to provide positive suggestions and comments
that significantly improved the clarity of the book.

Best wishes,

Akira Iguchi and Chuki Hongo


Table of contents

1. Introduction for this book –general aspects of coral reefs of Japan and
related studies (Akira Iguchi, Chuki Hongo)

2. Dissolved organic matter in coral reefs: distribution, production, and
bacterial consumption (Yasuaki Tanaka, Ryota Nakajima)

3. Studies on stress responses of corals in Japan (Tomihiko Higuchi)

4. Coral disease in Japan (Naohisa Wada, Aki Ohdera, Nobuhiro Mano)

5. Ocean acidification studies in coral reefs of Japan (Shoji Yamamoto)

6.Frontiers of coral-based sclerochronological studies in Japan (Kohki
Sowa, Kentaro Tanaka)

7.Coral reproduction in Japan (Naoko Isomura, Hironobu Fukami)

8.Population genetics of corals in Japan (Yuichi Nakajima)

9. Distribution expansion and historical population outbreak patterns of
crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci sensu lato, in Japan from 1912
to 2015 (Nina Yasuda)

10.Studies on mesophotic coral ecosystems in Japan (Frederic Sinniger, Saki

11.The hydrodynamic impacts of tropical cyclones to coral reefs in Japan:
current status and future perspectives (Chuki Hongo)

12.Concluding remarks: Future perspectives on coral reef studies of Japan –from
biology, earth science, and conservation and restoration (Akira Iguchi,
Chuki Hongo)

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