[Coral-List] Article about Sargassum affecting the Caribbean

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A shameless plug --

As a follow-up on Gene Shinn's comments about the dust hypothesis and its bearing on the blooms of floating seaweeds in the Caribbean, some of you may be interested in the vicious circle hypothesis for the lack of Caribbean reef resilience, which includes the dust hypothesis and is congruent with increasing floating seaweed abundance because of a combination of dissolved organic carbon inputs from major river systems and the cycling of dissolved organic carbon and nutrients between sponges and seaweeds.  For more, see:

Pawlik, J.R., Burkepile, D.E., Vega Thurber, R. 2016.<http://people.uncw.edu/pawlikj/2016BioSciencePawlik.pdf> A vicious circle? Altered carbon and nutrient cycling may explain the low resilience of Caribbean coral reefs. BioScience, 66: 470-476 doi:10.1093/biosci/biw047.




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If you are not aware, my group has produced daily and weekly maps of
Sargassum density:



Further information can be found at

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On 3/23/2018 10:01 AM, MelissaE Keyes wrote:
> Hi, Listers,
> Here's a not-too-bad lay article about the sargassum bloom and effects it's having.
> https://robertscribbler.com/2015/08/19/massive-sargasso-seaweed-bloom-is-choking-the-caribbean-climate-change-a-likely-culprit/
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