[Coral-List] Coral Fragging should be banned

Chad Scott marineconservationkt at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 20:11:14 UTC 2019

 Hello coral-listers,
I am growing concerned about the number of so-called reef conservation
programs that are focused solely on coral fragging (propagation),
especially in SE Asia and the Indo-Pacific. These programs are well
intentioned, but extremely misguided. In one such prominent  program,
people are able to become 'Instructors' in just three days, with no
scientific traing. This agency does no monitoring or research, and as far
as I can tell has never published a peer reviewed paper. They are focused
on coral propagation because it is easy and looks good on social media, yet
they do not have any understanding or consideration to the genetic affects
of their work, nor its long-term implications. They are not involved in any
other activities to address the threats (other than clean-ups maybe), and
have not made any attempt to work with the local communities.
I have written an article concerning this growing trend, and would like to
hear the response of the scientific community. I know that many of you have
been involved in related work for several decades, and think you are vital
in resolving this issue. I fear that if the reef restoration community does
not take proactive steps to self-regulate then draconian top-down controls
will be implemented, and the vital work of so many will be stopped.
Thank you,
Chad Scott

My arguments are summarized in the article is available here:


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