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Hello Adriana

When acquiring images for the Coral Finder we started out using a 15 x4 cm  Kodak style multi chip colour strip with scale. But after a while we realised it was starting to influence the exposure of the images - especially the close ups and mid shots.

So we shifted to the to a black / mid grey / white 5 x 1cm strip. Any post production software will let you set black and white points, white balance etc for colour correction. When shooting a coral ID sequence I shoot wide, mid  and closeup -  I then shoot an additional CU with the scale bar.  In post I can transfer the white balance and scale to the other images in the sequence as required for publishing  / teaching etc.

By separate email I will send you a PDF file to print  and laminate it (check for true scale!) then cut them out with a 3mm plastic overlap.

When I go diving I put one up the sleeve  of my wetsuit - it usually lasts the whole trip. And you don’t cry if you lose it.



p.s. whenever I forget to us a scalebar I find shell fragements / halimdeda flakes in the images background work pretty well. What usually doesn’t work are the white dots from flash back scatter.

p.p.s. some corals can not be 'photographed’ -  dunno why - they just refuse to shoot in true colour - flash or otherwise

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> Hi Coral list,
> I'm interested in using a color correction card for taking pictures of
> nubbins kept in tanks exposed to temperature stress. Any suggestions,
> recommendations? I have used in the past the Coral Health Chart but I
> wanted to know of people having experience with color correction cards.
> Thanks in advance,
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