[Coral-List] minor point of listiquette

Mike Jankulak - NOAA Affiliate mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 1 19:05:39 UTC 2019


I thought I'd post a suggestion about trimming old content out of messages
when you reply to a post. In regular email it's kind of natural to leave in
a lot of message history because it's pretty easy to read new content at
the top of a message and ignore the rest.

However for people subscribed to Coral-List digests, they get one or two
digests per day, with each digest consisting of multiple C-L messages one
after the other. When each post has two or three old messages included as
history, finding the new content in a digest can be challenging, and a
single digest message can contain repeated copies of the same old C-L post
that you already saw several digests ago.

So please go ahead and post "me too!" or "I agree!" type of comments but
think about limiting your quoted content to just the one historical message
that you are reacting to, and deleting the two or three older messages
included down below before hitting send.

Mike J+, coral-list mod team

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