[Coral-List] PhD position on Cold-Water Corals at the Università del Salento

Andrea Gori gori at icm.csic.es
Thu Jun 13 09:04:24 UTC 2019

Dear All,

a 3-years PhD position is available at the Università del Salento  
(Lecce, Italy) to be developed in the frame of the Spanish research  
project "Assessment of Bottom-Trawling Resuspension Impacts on  
Deep-Sea Corals". This PhD will be part of a scientific collaboration  
between the Institut de Ciències del Mar (Barcelona, Spain) and the  
Università del Salento (Lecce, Italy). Deadline for the application is  
on 4th July 2019 and the envisioned starting date will be in November  

The project will focus on (1) the characterization of the cold-water  
coral (CWC) community in the Blanes Canyon (Catalan Sea) in terms of  
species composition, spatial and bathymetric distribution patterns and  
abundance, as well as population structure and conservation state in  
high and low trawling-impacted areas; (2) determine the age and the  
changes in growth rates of CWC species during the past decades to  
relate them to historical changes in fishing intensity in the area;  
(3) determine the eco-physiological effects of sediment resuspension  
on CWC by laboratory experiments aimed to quantify the effects of  
changes in sediment concentration and composition on coral growth,  
metabolism, and feeding capability.

Candidates can find all information, required documents and  
application forms at:


For enquires, contact andrea.gori at unisalento.it

Best regards,


Università del Salento
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche e Ambientali
Centro Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni
73100, Lecce (Italy)

email: andrea.gori at unisalento.it
email: agori.mail at gmail.com
tel: 0039 0832 298853


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