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Bravo Zac and everyone involved. I recall Dan Barshis found some similarly odd Porites genetic structure in American Samoa with some big differences in stress tolerance. Imagine if the last millions of years of coral evolution has been producing stress tolerant populations all over!

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Hi Zac:

In the Caribbean we have Siderastrea siderea, gonochoric broadcast spawner, and "odd" S. radians, gonochoric (very female skewed sex ratio) prolific brooder,  also a very hardy species that lives in extreme environments.  These species have been known forever. I am guessing your odd tolerant brooder has always been there, but just escaped notice until now.



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Dear all,

With all the bleak news, here are a few studies that might have a glimmer
of hope (for some corals anyway). One study found genetic structure and
possible local adaptation across contrasting environments for P.lobata:

Tisthammer KH, Forsman ZH, Toonen RJ, Richmond RH. 2020. Genetic structure
is stronger across human-impacted habitats than among islands in the coral
Porites lobata. PeerJ 8:e8550 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.8550

The second study described a very odd little coral we found in Honolulu
harbor that is incredibly tough and a prolific brooder, yet genetically it
falls within the P.lobata species complex (which is a gonochoric
broadcast spawning coral).

Brown, N.P., Forsman, Z.H., Tisthammer, K.T. et al. A resilient brooding
coral in the broadcast spawning Porites lobata species complex: a new
endemic, introduced species, mutant, or new adaptive potential?. Coral
Reefs (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00338-020-01922-w


I think both of these studies are beginning to paint a picture of natural
selection and adaptation in action, with implications for reef restoration
and for understanding adaptation.... Stay tuned for the genomic data! ;)

Hope you are all very well and stay safe.


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