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   Steve, Vassil:

   I too was touched by the energy and dedication of those young
   Mexicans-but I fear their work may be in vain.

   It's called the Mexican Riviera because it's wall-to-wall hotels. All
   the sewage from those hotels is pumped into the shallow porous
   limestone substrate. Every now and then raw sewage bubbles up on the
   beach, prompting frantic work with backhoes and shovels to cover it all
   up before the Sargassum does. Cave divers exploring the systems, coming
   from the landward side, report encountering huge subterranean rooms
   filled with human excrement.

   Reefs and hurricanes have co-existed since the Ordovician. Now they
   don't. Now the reefs die.

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   Hi Vassil,
   I've been trying to wrap my head around this for some time. While I
   applaud the effort of "the Brigade" and would likely volunteer to help
   with the restoration if I lived in close proximity, I can't help but
   wonder what the net effect will be especially since the major stressors
   responsible for wreaking havoc on the coral reefs of Quintana Roo are
   nowhere near being adequately addressed. I'm also wondering how long
   insurance companies will be willing to underwrite these policies as the
   frequency and intensity of hurricanes continues to increase. Once
   again, perhaps the best we can hope for is that efforts like this will
   help to raise awareness of the value of coral reefs worldwide and that
   that will ultimately lead to the development of the political will
   needed to finally come to terms with water quality issues, over-fishing
   and climate change.
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   Hope of interest:
   Vassil Zlatarski
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