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 Jim, your vision and professional contribution to facilitate a 25-year global conversation about the health and status of coral reefs is epic. You've 'moved the needle' in the challenges of coral conservation by helping us all connect.  It has been an honor.  Thank you.  Congratulations on 'finding the escape hatch' from career federal service. We'll miss you.  

A hui ho,

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On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 1:15 PM Jim Hendee via Coral-List < coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov> wrote:

> Greetings!
>      Coral-List began through the efforts of Louis Florit and I on May 
> 23, 1995, over 25. years ago, and since that day, with about one 
> hundred subscribers, our membership has grown to 9,926 coral 
> enthusiasts, professional researchers, academicians, agency 
> representatives, and laypeople of all types and professions.  This 
> will always be my most cherished legacy out of the 30 years that I 
> have worked for NOAA, and it will continue, at least for now, under 
> the watchful eye of our Systems Administrator (and coral researcher diver), Mike Jankulak.
>      I'm not elequent enough to tell you the pride I felt when people 
> would walk up to me at international meetings, such as the quadrennial 
> International Coral Reef Symposia, and say that they just wanted to 
> thank me personally because they got the job they now have because of 
> a job posted on Coral-List.  We've always been a not-very-fancy text 
> online service (to keep the bandwidth down, but other reasons, too), 
> but we have continued to be a main point of circulation for important 
> coral reef conservation efforts over all these years.  At our NOAA 
> Lab, the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorlogical Laboratory in Miami, 
> FL, we have built a world class coral research group, and since the 
> very beginning, we. have worked hand-in-glove with NOAA's Coral Reef 
> Conservation Program to realize the NOAA mission in the conservation 
> of corals in the U.S. jurisdictions, but also with our international partners.
>      I hope some of you who have remained silent over the years will 
> speak up about your local coral reef conservation concerns and share 
> with the Coral-List community.  As someone recently pointed out, there 
> are a few users who do most of the contributing; but folks, we've got 
> a global problem with corals, so please let us know the problems in 
> your area and let us know what you think the (local) solution is.
>      I retire from NOAA next Friday, September 12, 2020, but I will 
> remain engaged with NOAA as a private citizen as much as I can and 
> hopefully see many of you at next year's 14th International Coral Reef 
> Symposium.  I will keep my NOAA email address for at least another six 
> months, so write to me if you'd like.
>      In closing, besides Mike Jankulak and Louis Florit, I would. also 
> like to think Lew Gramer and Clarke Jeffris for their efforts during 
> their tenure with our Division.
>      Your fan always,
>      Jim
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