[Coral-List] Publication of new paper on expression of heat stress-related genes in a scleractinian coral in the Persian Gulf

Mohammad Reza Shokri m_shokri at sbu.ac.ir
Wed Apr 28 07:34:26 UTC 2021

Dear colleagues 
I am very pleased to inform you that our paper entitled “The enhanced expression of heat stress-related genes in scleractinian coral ‘ Porites harrisoni ’ during warm episodes as an intrinsic mechanism for adaptation in ‘the Persian Gulf’” was recently accepted in the Journal of Coral Reefs and is online now (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00338-021-02100-2). In this study, the expressions of several heat stress-related genes in Porites harrisoni and its algal symbionts collected from the Persian Gulf were explored across a depth gradient. The sample collection was carried out in the mid-day of August concurrent with local low tide conditions when the sea surface temperature exceeded 34°C. The examined species was recognized as a high thermally tolerant coral. 
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