[Coral-List] New paper "Extending the natural adaptive capacity of coral holobionts"

Christian R Voolstra chris.voolstra at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 19:10:31 UTC 2021

Dear colleagues,

We would like to point you to our recently published review "Extending the natural adaptive capacity of coral holobionts” in which we outline nature-based adaptive mechanisms and emerging methods that could support ongoing restoration efforts and spur novel intervention strategies.

We also present a research road map and highlight the importance of building an open access database to support long-term, coordinated strategies and tracking success of coral reef conservation efforts.

You should be able to access the article here: https://rdcu.be/czmCv <https://rdcu.be/czmCv> (if not please let us know)

Thank you,

Prof. Dr. Christian R Voolstra
Professor of Genetics of Adaptation in Aquatic Systems
Head of SequAna Sequencing Analysis Core Facility
Project Lead Paul G. Allen Family Foundation "Nature's Super Corals"
Department of Biology | University of Konstanz | Germany

Web: biologie.uni-konstanz.de/voolstra | reefgenomics.org | SymPortal.org | scholar.google.com/citations?user=wg421oQAAAAJ&hl=en
Twitter: @reefgenomics

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