[Coral-List] Expressions of interest for an online meeting aimed at elucidating contextual variables indicative of coral health

Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Fri Apr 1 18:43:48 UTC 2022

Dear Coral List

On behalf of myself, and Profs Peixoto and Voolstra – we would like to welcome expressions of interest to attend an online meeting aimed at elucidating contextual variables indicative of coral health to extend cross-study comparability (see below for more detail).

The virtual workshop is planned to be held on the 27th June. To try and accommodate for different time zones the workshop will be run twice from 07:00-10:00am BST and from 18:00-21:00 pm BST

You can fill in the google form here - Contact information (google.com<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/google.com__;!!Nmw4Hv0!xrAM34J5RDHZeEIZO0N6ZJHRSsIzvYUFaaEio1U49ZRbzSM6Px43i0LR7LWqbkFdYpjrq7h4pzuc60PBqBJuVxh0oB99e4fVeWKZo08MJ2M4$>)

This workshop aims to assemble a diverse group of reef scientists to develop a set of contextual variables that reflect reef health, are easy to collect with standardized protocols, and thus, can be collected concomitant to experimental data in order to provide a contextualized basis to facilitate comparison and cross-study analysis. The aim of the workshop is to discuss and provide a list of meaningful contextual variables and associated protocols that can inform/extend the informational content of a study and facilitate comparability and metanalysis. The establishment of variables that reflect reef health can also guide the development of tools to accelerate coral tolerance to stress, such as microbiome manipulation.

This workshop will be followed by an in person event held before ICRS 2022 in Bremen, Germany – we ask for expression of interest to attend this event as well in the same google form above and if funding is sought for your attendance. We thank our funders the journal ‘Frontiers in Marine Science’ and the ‘Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’ who have supported this venture along with the Beneficial Microbes for Marine Organisms Network.

The final product is a manuscript that details outcomes from the workshop discussions.

We look forward to hosting you,

Professors Sweet, Peixoto and Voolstra

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