[Coral-List] full time lab technician position available

Andy Shantz shantz.a at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 15:39:36 UTC 2022

Hi folks, the Shantz Lab at Florida State University's Coastal and Marine
Lab <https://marinelab.fsu.edu/> is looking for an organized and
enthusiastic individual to join our team as a research technician. Our
research focuses on understanding how global change impacts resilience and
ecosystem function in coastal ecosystems. Responsibilities will include
assisting with field and lab projects, conducting data entry and analysis,
and  managing lab supplies to maintain operations. An AAUS scientific
diving certification is essential.
More details and instructions to apply can be found at
*https://jobs.fsu.edu* <https://jobs.fsu.edu/> (job ID 51422
Feel free to reach out directly to ashantz at fsu.edu if you have any


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