National Marine Park, Reef System of Veracruz

Juan Pablo Carricart Ganivet jpcarri at
Mon Feb 26 15:21:04 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Causey: 

Maybe you don't remember me, but I was with you on your last visit (June of  
1992) to Isla de Enmedio. I was working at Secretariat of Marine, in  
Veracruz, and now I'am in ECOSUR, here in Chetumal (since January of this  

The mooring buoys you refer, because of bureaucracy, were finaly installed  
along the reef tract of Isla Verde (in front of the Port of Veracruz). 

The environmental degradation of de coral reefs of the Reef System of  
Veracruz (RSV) is more evident every day. Suspended solids in the water  
column, sewage discharges, organic matter and pesticides supplied from the  
continent, and nutrient enrichment of the reefs waters, are the major  
troubles caused by anthropogenic impact. 

I know that Dr. Luis Sautto, Manager of CRIP-Veracruz, is working on the  
management plan for the RSV. You can contact him at (29) 31-44-37 (sorry I  
don't have his mailing address). 

On the other hand, what can I do to get a copy of your 1960 and 1992's  

Many advanced thanks. 

Sincerely yours, 

Juan P. Carricart-Ganivet 
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Chetumal, Q. Roo. 77000. 

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