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To complete the information sent a couple of days ago, bleaching in the offshore reefs of the southwestern coast of PR (edge of platform, 5 miles offshore and reefs - spurs- and - grooves- start at 18 meters and extend down to 40 m depth) is less conspicuous. Few colonies of D. labyrinthiformis, U. humilis, U. purpurea, A. lamarcky, P.astreoides, P.porites, M. franksi , and M. alcicornis are completely bleach. Large colonies of M.faveolata and M. franksi show small areas that are pale and/or white (no diseases). Today we observed one bleached individual of Condilactis gigantea. Overall, frequency of bleached colonies is very low and  less than in the nearshore reefs. Water temperature was 84 degrees. 

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