[Coral-List] Rotenon is probably anti-ichthyological?

Michael Risk riskmj at univmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Wed Sep 24 21:38:52 EDT 2003


15 or so years ago we isolated the active antifouling ingredient from
Sinularia soft corals, found it was highly effective against Vibrio and
hence biofilms. We finally identified it as cetyl palmitate, used it in
home-made "antifouling" paints-we bought cheap housepaint, mixed in 2%
(or so) CP. This was highly effective against borers and foulers.

We were working in Indonesia, where an unprotected fishing boat lasts
12 months and costs more than a house. Our work showed that effective
antifouling paints could be kludged up for a few bucks. Our home-made
paint protected boats longer than commercial antifouling paint.

We donated the patent rights to the university there, UNDIP, but it got
all fouled up (sorry) with legals and money to carry te patent through
ran out...so there it is.

For you landlocked lot: works against Zebra Mussels, too.

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