[Coral-List] photo of large anchor(chain) damage

Paul Hoetjes paul&mieke at hoetjes.net
Tue Mar 16 11:23:04 EST 2004

Dear Coral List members,

For a presentation I am looking for (a) photo(s) documenting bottom 
damage caused by the large anchors of tankers or other large vessels and 
their long heavy chains, as such ships swing around on their anchors and 
the heavy chain plows through the bottom in a semi-circle. Even on sandy 
or rubble bottom, this kind of damage will over time completely destroy 
the fisheries in such areas, not to mention coral reef areas. Not only 
will any structural complexity be destroyed, but the constant tearing up 
of even sandy bottoms will destroy the algal flora established on such 
bottoms (and anything else growing there such as sea grass or 
gorgonians) and put an end to its being used by algae grazing conch as a 
feeding ground.

I'm hoping someone has a (digital) picture of such damage on a rubble or 
sand bottom, that I might use.

Best regards,
Paul Hoetjes

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