[Coral-List] TNC Reef Resilience Project Manager Position Open

Douglas Fenner dfenner at blueskynet.as
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Could someone involved in one of the public-private partnerships (NGO plus
federal agency) that Gene refers to please enlighten us as to the nature of
the relationship, and whether what they produce gets put into laws?  Are
NGO's like TNC and CBD writing federal laws?

    Thank you,  Doug

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> This Job advertisement on the coral-list has me a little confused.
> TNC (The Nature Conservancy) is an NGO (non governmental
> organization). It has always been my understanding that NGO's operate
> pretty much like churches. Donations are tax deductible. This
> advertisement for a Reef Resilience Project Manager clearly states
> that it is to "provide technical and managerial support to the
> NOAA-TNC partnership." Partnership? I guess that means NOAA and this
> NGO will work hand in hand to address mutual goals which of course
> will ultimately be implemented and enforced by NOAA. I guess I just
> do not understand. I always thought that it was illegal to have such
> collusion between independent organizations and government
> organizations.
>      Back when I was concerned about The Center for Biodiversity
> suing NOAA to put Acroporid corals on the threatened list I suspected
> there was collusion. I was told that was not so and received angry
> calls from a CBD lawyer because I maintained that "if you don't know
> what is killing it then you don't know what to protect it from." At
> the same time NOAA (NMFS) employees said they had no choice (as
> explained on the coral-list) but to follow the laws and that NOAA had
> no choice because they lost the suit made by CBD. NOAA had no plans
> to put these species on the endangered list but were forced to do it
> because they lost the law suit. Now this advertisement seems to make
> it clear that NGO's, (which CBD is) in fact do work hand in hand to
> make decisions that ultimately turn into laws. One can conclude that
> it is clear that this collusion will enable the listing of 82 coral
> species which the CBD is petitioning NOAA to list as threatened.
> There will of course be unintended consequences and likely intended
> consequences. I would like for someone in the coral community to
> explain all of this in clear understandable language. The
> advertisement for the job does say it requires "Ability to simplify
> and explain complex scientific data to general audiences."
>      Incidentally the CBD recently lobbied a judge to place a
> moratorium on BOEMRE (formerly the Minerals Management Service)
> offshore leasing because their Environmental Impact Statements do not
> adequately explain how they determine environmental "Sensitivity" and
> "Resiliency" This clearly shows the power of NGO's. Meanwhile we
> import three fourths of our oil from some unfriendly sources and
> actions such as described will likely lead to increased imports. Is
> this good for our country and our coral reefs? Gene
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