Pink Porites

William Kiene kiene at
Mon Apr 15 12:07:56 EDT 1996

I can contribute some insight to the recent discussion of pink banding 
observed in Porites - and also help to clear Bob Buddemeier of any 
responsibility for coloring the corals in question.  I have found pink 
bands in Porites and other corals in studies of microborers in the 
Pacific (GBR) and the Bahamas.  These were in sections and cores of 
living corals.  Sampling of the pink areas (that sometimes occur below 
the living coral tissue as well as below the "Ostreobium band". Found 
that they were produced by Plectonema terebrans (a boring cyanobacteria). 
The pink color is likely a chromatic adaption of pigments to low light 
conditions.  Cochocelis (endolithic stage of red algae) probably also 
has this pigment adaption and has also been found in living coral 
skeletons (but I have not seen it in densities that would cause pink 
coloration).  It cannot be ruled out though. 

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