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Tony Rath trath at
Wed Nov 27 16:08:21 EST 1996

>I would like to know whether any of you can suggest the proper equipment 
>to get slides from computer images and the other way would to get 
>computer images from slides. 


Getting slides from computer images can take a high tech expensive route or 
a low tech route.  I'll tell you the low tech route: 

Use a 35mm camera to shoot the computer screen.  The trick is to make your 
exposure at least a 15th of a sec or longer so that the picture will not 
pick up the computer screen in mid draw.  If you shoot faster than a 15th, 
you will get a break in the image.  You might also want to shoot with an 
f-stop of 5.6 or greater so that your image is sharp.  Because of the long 
exposure times, you should have a steady tripod, and if you are on a wood 
floor, don't let others walk nearby while taking the image, the vibrations 
will cause the image to be soft. 

Getting computer images from slides is a bit easier.  If you have a flatbed 
scanner, you have to have a transparency adaptor to scan in the image. You 
are usually restricted to the lower resolutions this way.  there are 
scanners built specifically for scanning 35mm film which do a good job 
also.  This route will cost you about $2000US. 

The alternative is to have the images scanned onto a CD-ROM by a company 
that has a drum scanner and specializes in this service.  I'd recommend 
this route as it is cheap, produces high resolution scans, and the images 
are very easy to work with.  The images are also archived if you take care 
of the CD.  Of course it is problematic if you don't have a CD-ROM reader, 
but they are quite cheap these days.  I can supply you or others on the 
list with some addresses of photo labs that scan to CD-ROM if you like. 

Good Luck. 

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