vacation programs

coral-list admin jch at
Thu Sep 16 14:49:46 EDT 1999


	Many of you institute what is called a vacation program for your
mailer when you go away on leave.  It allows an automated response to
emails that are sent to you so the sender of a message to you knows that
you are out of town, but that you will reply when you get back.  On many
of these automated vacation programs there is a switch or a configuration
option in which the vacation message will be sent to the person who sent
you a message once every X number of times that the person sends you a
message.  That way if Dr. Whomever sends you a lot of messages that day,
he/she only gets one reply back from your vacation program.

	If you go away on vacation but still want to keep receiving
coral-list messages, please set the switch or option on your vacation
program so that a reply from you is not sent out with every message you
get.  Otherwise, I (as the listserver administrator) may get that message
for every single coral-list message that goes out and your name may be
temporarily deleted from coral-list.

	Many thanks...

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