Two coral-related photo-essays online

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at
Sun Dec 10 11:10:30 EST 2000

Dear Coral types,

We've just posted something that we hope will be of interest to coral 
researchers.  It's actually a poster --about the creative ways Hawaiian 
turtles go about making use of their coral reef homes.

(It's not for the faint-of-heart)

The title "Changing the landscape: evidence for detrimental impacts to 
coral reefs by Hawaiian marine turtles" says it all.  And the images of 
turtles doing what turtles do to corals says it best.

Please see:


Next, coral reef researchers might be interested in a portion of our other 
photo-essay dealing with some of the marine plants (Hawaiian "limu") that 
live among the corals.

Cladophora sericea especially is a danger to corals since this algae snags 
and then smothers them.

When writing this essay we borrowed heavily from the 
document,  "Identification Manual for Dietary Vegetation of the Hawaiian 
green turtle Chelonia mydas" (Russell, D. J., G. H. Balazs 2000,) with 
their permission.

Please see:


We've tried our best to present accurate information.  Should you see 
anything in either essay that is incorrect or that can be improved, we'd 
appreciate it a great deal if you sent us email to help us out.

Last, I'm certain some coral reef scientists will also have experience with 
the algae we've presented online.  Any additional information/insight you 
might have is welcome.  This is particularly true of anyone working with 
Lyngbya majuscula.

Thanks for your time,
Ursula Keuper-Bennett

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