[Coral-List] Chlorophyll questions

Mark Warner mwarner at cms.udel.edu
Thu Nov 18 14:00:14 EST 2004

> Does it make any difference to use 90% Acetone or
> 100% Acetone to extract chlorophyll form
> zooxanthellae?

It makes a slight difference only in the equations that you use based on the
work of Jeffrey and Humphrey (1975) and Humphrey (1979). The equations are
as follows:

For dinoflagellates & cryptomonads,
Solvent 90% Acetone:
Chlorophyll a = (11.43 E664)-(0.40 E630)
Solvent 100% Acetone:
Chlorophyll a = (11.43 E663)-(0.64 E630)

Just about any question you have regarding micro algal pigments and their
quantification may be found in "Phytoplankton pigments in oceanography"
1997. Eds. S.W. Jeffrey, R.F.C. Mantoura & S.W. Wright. UNESCO publishing

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