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Wed Oct 13 14:05:26 EDT 2004

Hi Gemma,

there's a lot of reserach going on in terms of of nutrient enrichment on 
corals. In general, increases in zooxanthellae density and chlorophyll 
concentrations are observed, when nitrate is added to reef-building corals. 
In the ENCORE, they observed mortality and reduced growth of corals at a 
nitrate dosage of 36 uM, and coral reproduction was negatively affected. In 
our study, P. damicornis subjected to nitrate (20 uM) showed bleaching due 
to the loss of zooxanthellae.

You might also check the following literature for further details:

Schloeder C., D'Croz L., 2004. Responses of massive and branching coral 
species to the combined effects of water temperature and nitrate enrichment. 
J Exp Mar Biol Ecol, in press.

Mate J.L., 1997. Experimental responses of Panamenian reef corals to high 
temperature and nutrients. Proc 8th Int Coral Reef Symp 1:515-520

Koop et al., 2001. ENCORE: the effectof nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. 
Synthesis of results and conclusions. Mar Poll Bull 42(2):91-120

Nordemar et al., 2003. Effects of elevated seawater temperature and nitrate 
enrichment on the branching coral Porites cylindrica in the absence of 
particulate food. Mar Biol 142:669-677

Jokiel et al., 1991. Results of the 1991 United States-Israel Workshop, 
”Nutrient limitation in the symbiotic association between zooxanthellae and 
reef-building corals”. Pac Sci 48(3):215-218


From: gemma franklin
To: Corall-List Subscribers
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 2:32 PM
Subject: [Coral-List] Nitrate levels

Hi. I'm currently volunteering in Cozumel, Mexico, working for the National 
Marine Park and one of the researchers wondered if someone could help with 
information about Nitrates and their effects on coral.

Does anyone know what levels are critical for coral to survive and what the 
effects are if Nitrate evels are too high? Or have any papers they could 
direct me to for information?

Thanks in advance for any information you may have on this. I would be very 

Gemma Franklin

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