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I wanted to offer some thoughts, elaborating on the previous comment "when
Cousteau is this is was like going into outer space". Indeed it was, and
that highlights a critical component to the sex-appeal that has been
recognized with these discussions as a critical element in promoting the
marine sciences. Cousteau acknowledged his NOT being a scientist. He was an
explorer, and through his explorations, he facilitated and inspired new
areas of scientific focus, new needs for underwater innovation/technology,
and captured what was the 'unknown' in several media formats and presented
them to the public in an exciting, and digestible format. Now, many may
think that this glamour behind the marine sciences is approaching an end,
but I beg to differ...there are numerous ocean exploration programs that
NOAA has funded, as well as private endeavors, that do indeed have that
sex-appeal, and with personal experience in such explorations over the
years, I can say without hesitation that there is indeed an opportunity to
reach the masses with something new, exciting, sexy, and in a way that will
benefit marine science across the board. 

Such efforts are marketed wonderfully within our community, but
unfortunately are in many cases still not marketed to the general public in
a format that they can wrap their head around. In the case of true
exploration...the significance and integrity of the scientific effort is
strong, and it is the willingness to collaborate with the exploration
community, and the media (in various formats) will create a publicly
attractive venue. I guess the short take-home is...there are scientists out
there, explorers out there, innovators out there, and media outlets...but it
is all too rare that they work together. The story needs to be captivating,
and meet the general public with something they can relate to everyday, and
are willing to strike up conversation about over dinner, around the
water-cooler at work, and inspires them to take the initiative to learn more
for their own well-being.

Michael Lombardi
Oceans of Opportunity

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Hi all 

-----Sorry James I sent this dirrectly to you by mistake. 

I know some of you are still waiting for the tutorial on the
O'Donnell-Jones-Noel method for finding surface areas for coral using
freeware. I promise you it is on its way and will be online soon. 

But this topic has caught my eye. As I am a creative with Chocolate Box
Productions near the Great Barrier 
Reef Australia, I am interested in any proposals for film or series
But I don't believe you need to go down this path. Why not try something
with a larger appeal and larger market? 

Currently there is great options on the net. I suggest you develop a web
site that offers free educational video 
streams. You could accept micro payments or sponsorship to develop the site.
The site should discuss the 
latest issues worldwide and could have a map of the world and hotspots for
environment issues related to coral. 
Users could navigate to say the Australian Coast and a page with related
video streams would be listed there. 
The user would click on the stream and a journalist style report on a Coral
issue would present itself. 

You could use local talent in those areas along with university involvement.
The shows could look at what councils are 
doing to favorably improve coral environments and be used as a learning aid
to those councils that need educating. 

I would also suggest that a free license to education facilities be arranged
and advertising be organized only for those 
products that are truly environmentally friendly. 

The hole thing could be organized through Creative Commons and funded in
some small way via world 
environment groups and universities. 

You can forget the Steve Erwin reality TV approach. 
It just isn't broad enough. 

My Two cents.... 

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