[Coral-List] Whitening coral skeleton

David Obura dobura at cordioea.org
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Hi Safoura,

it's easy to bleach corals with a mixture of bleach and fresh water - it depends on the strength of your bleach what works best, but probably 1:1 for very mild bleach down to much less bleach relative to water if you have industry strength bleach. Bleach itself does not damage the skeleton (just the tissue), so you don't have to worry about that.

You are likely working on Porites cylindrica, rather than P. compressa, as the latter is an endemic to Hawaii!! If you'd like to send a couple of photos I'll be happy to look at them, or check with someone more experienced in Gulf corals.


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> Dear coral-listers
> We are a group of MSc students working on morphometric and genetic
> variation of* Porites compressa* and *Stylophora pistillata *and their
> associatied *Zooxanthellae *along northern Persian Gulf. We are wondering
> if their is any guidance on how to whiten mentioned coral using bleach
> without damaging coral skeleton. Any comments would be very much
> appreciated.
> With best regards
> Safoura Behzadi    * *

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