[Coral-List] Majuro update

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 22:03:28 EST 2012

·         Coral mining is on-going, still, since mid August.
·         I’ve had 2 meetings at the US embassy, no action
taken as a result
·         Our new ambassador told me “It is in America’s
best interests that the RSA project be done well”.
·         My petition was re-opened today, finally!  Let’s get more comments and names!
·         I still have been unable to meet with local EPA
on their decisions to allow mining without any coral mitigation (relocation,
etc.), I am being excluded.
·         After snorkeling the RSA fill site I found a
suspicious dredge borrow pit, in an area FAA had earlier disallowed from
dredging.  A police action was filed
against me (trespassing) by the mining contractor after I snorkeled in the lagoon,
in preparation for a meeting at the US embassy.  Once again I talked the police out of filing any charges.  
·         I have sought, but have not received, any info
on what the Coral Reef Task Force has tried/is trying to do with regards to this
reef mining.
·         A freedom of information act request is pending
at FAA, to get info on questions of

Dean Jacobson

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