[Coral-List] Crazy Ideas to Save Coral Reefs

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 8 14:04:53 EDT 2012

   While pursuing the idea of appealing to the scuba industryâs governing
   body (DEMA) to issue a statement recognizing the threat that climate
   change holds for our worldâs coral reef ecosystems, a number of relevant
   issues were revealed. Among them is the simple fact that realistically the
   effort is unlikely to succeed as long as a lack of accord continues to exist
   among those in the trade relating to the extent of the threat as well as
   perceptions regarding cause and effect. One also has to recognize the fact
   that such statements do little to actually mitigate against rising CO2
   although it does seem logical to assume that recognition of the problem by
   way of a supportive position statement would have to be considered a move
   in the right direction. To be sure, no one is asserting that divers in and
   themselves can, by way of a public affirmation, save the world's coral
   But  still  many  would  assume  that divers, by virtue of their close
   with marine ecosystems, would be predisposed to aiding in the development
   of grass-roots support for efforts aimed at coral reef conservation.
   However, it suddenly became obvious that perhaps an important element
   relating  to  the forcefulness of an appeal for action was missing. In
   extensive lists of scientific organizations that have made unequivocal
   confirming the threat that climate change presents to coral systems did an
   apparent  void  exist? With the exception of The Australian Coral Reef
   I wasn't able to find a declaration that clearly represented the definitive
   of American and/or international coral reef scientists. Then I stumbled upon
   Consensus Statement on Climate Change and Coral Reefs formulated at the
   12th International Coral Reef Symposium in Cairns just a few months ago.
   ( http://www.icrs2012.com/Consensus_Statement.htm)
   To effectively appeal to the diving industry (or the public at large) with
   hope  of prevailing, at the very least one would have to be armed with
   and unambiguous scientific reinforcement. The symposium's declaration may
   well represent that previously undetected smoking gun. Perhaps it may be
   but what more direct confirmation could one anticipate? Now, that statement
   to be more fully exposed and promoted for although sought out, it nearly
   Can the scuba diving industry when confronted with the communique described
   above continue to avoid endorsing the content and spirit of the declaration?
   It can,
   but not without revealing a clear and transparent view of conspicuously
   priorities and objectives.
   Steve Mussman
   Sea Lab Diving

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