[Coral-List] rare Nautiloid re-found near Papua New Guinea

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   I  am  not  sure what your point is. I am sure the work you do is very
   important, although perhaps not all 7,000-odd subscribers to this list are
   as aware as I.

   My point was that coral reefs may already have enough “pure” biologists-what
   they  need  is  more  interdisciplinarians.  (Terrible word. How about
   “generalists?”) By labelling people like Peter “biologists” we are sending
   the wrong message to young people looking for careers.

   Paleontologists are by training perhaps uniquely qualified to contribute
   cross-field insights into an ecosystem that badly needs help. (I count Gene
   as one, although that might horrify him.)

   Mike (“degrees in 3 fields”) Risk

   On Aug 28, 2015, at 10:17 AM, Ellen Prager <[1]pragere at earthlink.net> wrote:

   As a marine scientist with a background in marine geology, biology, and
   physical oceanography, I am usually called a marine biologist. Just the way
   it is.
   I try to correct it, but unless it really matters with regard to the topic
   or context, these days I often let it slide (sorry if this offends anyone).
   When I make media appearances, write, or do public presentations, I am more
   focused on what the specific points or messages are that I want to get
   across…seems more important than a title.
   Appearing on The Weather Underground on The Weather Channel tonight…along
   with talking ocean, wetland loss, and Katrina..hope to get in a few words
   about coral reefs and mangroves as important for storm protection with Erika
   looming out there….
   Dr. Ellen Prager
   Earth2Ocean, Inc
   On Aug 28, 2015, at 8:03 AM, "Risk, Michael" <[2]riskmj at mcmaster.ca> wrote:

     I  note the article refers to Peter several times as a "biologist."
     Peter has been, for his entire career, a paleontologist (PhD McMaster-I
     was on his committee.)
     Not comparing the two men, but: so was Darwin, for those interested in
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     Guy spots super-rare "living fossil" a second time- 30 years later
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     Nautilus, but *Allonautilus scrobiculatus*)
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