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Chloe Baron chloe.baron at bios.edu
Tue Feb 14 13:53:40 EST 2017

Hello Coral List,

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences would like to announce that we are accepting applications for our CABIOS internship and our 2017 scheduled summer courses. Canadian students and students enrolled in Canadian colleges/universities are eligible to receive support through funding from the Canadian Associates of BIOS (CABIOS). CABIOS was established to provide support for eligible students to participate in BIOS summer courses and research internships. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. Please forward the information below to anyone that might find it to be of interest.

CANADIAN ASSOCIATES OF BIOS (CABIOS) INTERNSHIP | APPLICATIONS DUE MARCH 15TH 2017 http://www.bios.edu/education/canadian-associates-of-bios/

CABIOS offers full scholarships for students to participate in research internships at BIOS. Since 2012, CABIOS has sponsored 8 interns from Canadian institutions including Dalhousie University, Trent University, Carleton University, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto. CABIOS intern scholarships cover the cost of accommodation, meals and include a small student stipend as well as a contribution to the costs of supplies and other expenses associated with the intern's research project. However, scholarship funds do not cover travel expenses.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements should consult the list of potential internship projects and mentors for 2017. After selecting up to 3 potential projects and mentors, students should complete the internship application form. Students should note that the application form includes a list of documents which must accompany the completed application form; these documents include 2 letters of reference from academics familiar with your work, your CV and a copy of recent transcripts. The application deadline for CABIOS internships is March 15, 2017. Students will be notified of the outcome of their application by the end of March.

SUMMER COURSES | APPLICATIONS DUE APRIL 14 2017 http://www.bios.edu/education/summer-courses/

1. Modern Observational Oceanography (June 30 - July 18)
    Instructors: Prof. Nicholas Bates (BIOS & University of Southampton), Dr. Rod Johnson (BIOS), Dr. Andrew Peters (BIOS) and Ruth Curry (WHOI & BIOS)

2. Coral Reef Optics (July 24 - Aug 11)
     Instructors: Dr. Eric J. Hochberg (BIOS) and Dr. Yvonne Sawall (BIOS)

3. Coral Reef Ecology: Reef Response to Environmental Change (August 7-25)
    Instructors: Dr. Samantha de Putron (BIOS), Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley (BIOS), and Dr. Hollie Putnam (URI)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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