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the Coral Reef Image Bank, curated by the Ocean Agency, has a wealth of high-quality coral reef images, free to download and share for non-commercial use only (must credit photographers).
It's not video, as you requested, but you can use the photos as stills or animated (after effects) within a video, if needed (transitions shots, establishing shots, etc)



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Hello all,
Two things:
1) Apologies if this has already been asked and answered in the past...I'm interested in finding "free" stock video footage of corals/reefs/marine life. I'm familiar with the paid sites (Pond5, Getty, Shutterstock, etc.). I'm also familiar with some free sites (Pixabay, Pexels). But I'm wondering if there are other recommended sources out there, I may not know of.
2) If anyone has reached the point in their day, where their eyes are glazing over...and could use a break...I have introduced my coral polyp character on 'Marine School'. I hope she represents well. You can find her in Episode 4: Great Discoveries, at the link below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5nZmVjDXkyz68iQmBqMvA/

Thank you very much.
Regards,Dana O'MaraNatureLaughs.com
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